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Types Of Anodes Used With Water Heater Systems

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An anode rod in a residential or commercial hot water system plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the system. Anode rods prevent the corrosion of the heater’s metal lining as a result of constant exposure to water in the tank. The typical anode rod contains a protective layer of sacrificial metal which attracts corrosive elements thereby preserving the tank’s interior. Individuals looking to replace the anode rod in their hot water systems need to understand the various materials used to make anodes, as well as the merits and demerits associated with each material. Aluminum Anodes Traditionally, aluminum was the metal of choice for the fabrication of water heater anodes. As such, anode rods made of aluminum are commonly found in relatively old hot water systems and tanks. The use of aluminum anodes has since lost popularity after it was discovered that aluminum has a poisoning effect on the water in the tank. It is for this reason that mothers in the olden days often warned their children against drinking water directly from the hot water tap. Another drawback of aluminum anode rods is that they are prone to structural damage. This is because aluminum metal bends easily when put under pressure. Aluminum anode rods are most suitable for use with hard water. Magnesium Anodes Magnesium is also used to make anode rods used in hot water systems. Magnesium anodes are more common in modern water heating systems. Magnesium anode rods are safer than their aluminum counterparts. This is because the magnesium particles that get dissolved in the water have health benefits, as compared to aluminum particles which are harmful to one’s health.  The current produced by a magnesium anode rod is also stronger than that of aluminum, hence greater protection against corrosion. On the down side, magnesium metal gets corroded faster than aluminum. For this reason, magnesium anode rods have a significantly reduced lifespan. Powered Anodes Powered anode electrodes are the most expensive type of anodes available. They are a relatively new introduction in the world of anodes and anode rods and may therefore not be very common in residential water heating systems. The powered anode replaces the sacrificial reaction of traditional anodes with the introduction of electric current into the hot water tank. Powered anodes use electrodes to achieve this effect and can easily be used as permanent replacements for sacrificial anodes. Powered anodes are great for use in hot water systems where sacrificial anodes are unable to help with odor-related problems. Individuals who would like more information on replacing the anode rod in their hot water system may contact a heating company like Carman...

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How to Troubleshoot a Few Common Problems With a Ducted Air Conditioning System

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A ducted air conditioning system from a company like Airite Industries refers to a system that has a duct that runs through the house and to the exterior. When this duct is connected to all the vents in the home, this is called a unit. When there is just one duct to one panel in the home, this is called a split system unit; these are commonly found in hotels and motels. Note a few problems you might experience with a ducted system so you know how to fix them or what to expect when you talk to a repairperson. 1. The unit won’t switch on at all If you’ve checked your circuit breaker and know that you have your thermostat set properly and the air conditioner still will not switch on, a common cause for this is a controller inside the unit that is not getting power. In some cases it can be something as simple as vermin chewing through the wires that bring power to the unit. If there are no lights appearing on the unit itself, this is often an electrical problem. The wires may have also become bare and frayed from age or overuse and they are not supplying power to the control unit. If there are lights on the control panel, this means the unit is getting electricity. The control unit may have a timer that is set and which is then not allowing it to run. If you have a reverse system that produces heat in the winter, the unit may still be set to heat and won’t switch on when the air is very warm. The unit may have also a safety switch that you will see on the side of your home, near the duct, and this may have tripped. 2. The unit runs but you don’t feel much cooler This may be a simple problem of having a unit that is too small and weak for your home or the outside temperature. In many cases this is also a problem with a leak in the ductwork. If connectors have come loose or there are holes in the ducts, then the cold air could be going out the ducts behind the walls before it reaches the room itself. The airflow may also be restricted in another way; if the unit was installed in a very small area of the home, the airflow may be restricted so it doesn’t reach the inside of your home. Consider if you’ve recently done renovation work that may have damaged the ductwork or restricted the airflow in any...

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Key Fertiliser Tips to Having a Great Lawn

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Getting the best lawn fertiliser for your lawn depends on various factors. You must be aware of the condition of your soil and the type of grasses that grow on it, as well as your maintenance goals when looking to pick the best fertiliser for your needs. Here are four key tips to understanding your lawn and picking the right fertiliser. Soil Condition The first key step is understanding the condition that your soil is in. It may be deficient in key nutrients, nutrients without which your soil will not be able to thrive. You can find cheap soil testers at most gardening supply stores like Perth Turf Supplies. The most basic measurements include testing for the alkaline and acid levels. These acids affect the pH level of your soil. Some of the nutrients that have the biggest impact on your soil include phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen, zinc, sulphur, and iron. Grass Needs Once you have made sure that your soil is in great condition, you have to learn what your grass needs. In order to have a lawn healthy throughout the year, you need a balanced amount of phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. It’s these three ingredients that keep your grass in great condition at its peak growth rate. Some particular types of grasses might need higher concentrations of certain nutrients, so make sure to check with your gardening supply store for the needs of your grass. Fertiliser Qualities When looking for lawn and turf supplies, it’s important that you buy a fertiliser with the right combination of nutrients. At the gardening supply store you may see a high amount of fertilisers, all of which have different combinations of numbers and that are specifically formulated for different grasses. You can find a nutrient analysis on each bag, and you will also see a set of three numbers on the bag. The first number represents the amount of nitrogen that’s in the fertiliser, the second is the amount of phosphorous, and the last represents the amount of potassium. Nitrogen supports the growth of your grass, phosphorous is great for root development, and potassium helps with the lawn’s defence against diseases. Synthetic, Organic, or Timed Release Fertilisers Most fertilisers that you see on the market nowadays are synthetic. They are created chemically and are much easier to apply than other fertiliser types. Organic fertilisers obtain their nutrients from sources that were alive once, like fish emulsion or manure. These help build up the soil but are slow acting in cold weather. Timed release fertilisers have their own coatings on each granule, which dictates how quickly the nutrients can be released. The primary advantage of this fertiliser is that you obtain an extremely long lasting feed to your...

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Pros and Cons of Electric High Pressure Washers

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High-pressure cleaning equipment comes in two main versions. One is the electric version and the other is the fuel (petrol or diesel) powered one. Are you wondering about whether to buy an electric or fuel powered high-pressure washer? Read on and find out the pros and cons of electric high pressure washing equipment: The Pros They are compact. Electric pressure washers have few parts since they do not need a fuel tank and engine system. This makes them very compact so they are very easy to move around or store. They are versatile. Electric high pressure washing equipment can be used both outdoors and indoors. This is because the equipment does not give off fumes that can cause a health hazard in an enclosed environment. They are more quiet. Electric high-pressure washers are more quiet when compared to their fuel-powered counterparts. This is because the electric washer does not have an engine and exhaust system that has to keep running while the washer is being used. You may not need to wear hearing protection devices if you are using an electric high-pressure washer. They are more affordable. Electric high-pressure washers are generally more affordable when compared with fuel (gas) powered washers. For instance, you can get an electric high-pressure washer for less than $500 while you will spend more than $2,000 to get a diesel high-pressure washer. The Cons They have a limited range of operation. Most electric high-pressure washers have relatively short power cords. This limits the radius within which you can use them and you may have to get an extension cord in order to improve their reach. However, those extension cords can pose trip or electrical shock hazards as you work. They cannot handle heavy-duty work. The compact size of electric high-pressure washers makes them unsuitable for heavy-duty work like cleaning golf course equipment. This is because they have a limited power capacity so heavy-duty work can wear them out quickly. They have limited outdoor use. Electric washers need a constant source of power in order to work so their outdoor use is limited. Even those that rely on rechargeable batteries quickly run out of power so it is better to use electric washers close to a power source. Electric high-pressure washers are very good for use in situations where pollution is a major concern such as in poorly ventilated indoor spaces. You should therefore have one handy for use indoors and for those small outdoor cleaning tasks that exceed the stored power in the battery. Contact a company such as Jetwave Industrial Equipment to learn...

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3 Benefits of Opting for Portable Toilet Hire for Your Party

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When it comes to portable toilet hire, people tend to associate them with large outdoor festivals where it would be difficult to get access to an indoor restroom. In addition, there is the misconception that these types of toilets are always dirty and grimy. This typically stems from the experience people have had with them at these events. However, this does not have to be the case. If you are holding a party, whether at your residence or at a hired venue, opting for portable toilet hire can contribute to you having a successful party. Here are some of the benefits of choosing these restrooms for your party. Less clean up for you Portable toilet hire is especially advantageous to you if you are hosting a significant amount of people in your home. In the summer months, more people opt to hold gatherings in their yard to enjoy the good weather with friends and family. The downside to this is having numerous people using your home’s restrooms means there is more clean up that will be required to keep them pristine. Since nobody likes using a dirty toilet and you would probably prefer enjoying your party rather than cleaning up after people, hiring toilets would be the best option. You can opt to have your hired restrooms come with attendant services. They work toward ensuring the portable toilets remain spotless after every use thus ensuring all your guests have a comfortable experience. Guests do not have to contend with long lines When hosting a large number of people and having them constricted to the indoor facilities, you will find that more often than not there will always be a long line in wait. This is especially true if alcohol is in copious amounts, as people need to urinate more when they are drinking. Instead of subjecting your guests to this, you can opt for portable toilet hire. Having several of them on the premises ensures that your guests lavatory needs are catered to without having them worry about waiting in line to use the bathroom. You can opt for luxury toilets A misconception people have is that portable toilet hire cannot be glamorous. However, this cannot be further from the truth. These companies offer you various packages, which will include different amenities depending on your needs. Some of the amenities you can opt for include a shower, laminate timber flooring, LED lighting and more. Your choice of luxury will simply be dependent on your preferences and...

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Tips on Preparing for Your First Appointment with a Psychic

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As you prepare for your first meeting with a new psychic, your mind is often racing at the possibility of what new insights they may be able to access. Here is a checklist of a few things to prepare before you come to the appointment. What questions would you like assistance with? Most questions that people have when they visit a psychic can be put into two categories: a current situation where you would like advice, or a future state you would like clarity on—such as whether or not your significant other will finally propose. Having some clarity on these questions will help you to make the most of your sessions. Many people seek clarification about their health, their work or the future of their love life or similar questions about their children or siblings. It is important to remember that once you have information about your future, you can then choose to accept the future or make efforts to move away from that future. While the universe may push you in a certain direction you continue to have free will and can make decisions that move you away from this path. Which family or friends would you like to be in contact with? Many people heading to a psychic are looking for contact with a specific family member. Bear in mind the questions you have about the future so you can either ask for the person’s advice or you may simply just like to have some contact and know that they are at peace. If you are concerned about any aspects of the relationship as you left it (whether they left during an argument, or simply didn’t get a chance to say goodbye for example), it’s best to be utterly open about this so that you can get some closure and no longer worry about what has been left unsaid. Consider bring a personal item or photo of the person you are trying to get in contact with, to help your psychic to form a stronger connection. Your first appointment with a psychic can often be an emotional one, especially if you are getting in contact with someone who has passed on. By having done some preparations, making sure you have prepared your priorities can ensure that you make the most of the appointment. Don’t waste any time in getting in contact with a local psychic and getting some...

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Residential Generator: The Benefits of Renting Over Purchase

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Power outages are guaranteed to cause extensive inconvenience unless you have a backup power source. In addition to helping you in emergency situations, generators can help to power local outdoor events such as birthday parties and small concerts. If you are thinking about acquiring a generator, you will have to choose between rental and purchase. Both methods are great solutions but the choice will mainly depend on preference and financial resources. Consider these advantages of generator rental before making your final decision. Low Cost The main benefit of renting a generator over purchasing one is the lower cumulative monetary expense. You will only pay for the service depending on the duration of hire so the charges are small for temporary applications. Typically, the generator is not the primary power source therefore it is unnecessary to keep the appliance permanently in your home. In addition, most products in the market are relatively expensive so you will require financial preparation before you can have it. A rental is a handy choice because it can be delivered immediately during emergencies. No Maintenance Generators require regular maintenance to prevent damage of the internal components and to promote peak performance. The servicing tasks including changing the oil and filters and keeping the tank clean must be performed even when the power source is not in use. Hired generators are convenient because the rental companies are responsible for the maintenance tasks. This choice will save you time and money and eliminate long-term responsibility. More Potential Choices In practical circumstances, you will purchase a single generator for your residential use. The chosen type and model of the appliance will be a permanent fixture in your home even if your requirements change. Rental generators offer extensive flexibility to accommodate your immediate needs. For instance, you can choose a powerful portable generator for blackouts during stormy weather and in fair conditions, acquire an inverter generator for camping. In addition, the power requirements for your home may change with time; you can choose a higher wattage generator for your next hire period. No Obsolesce The main drawbacks of purchasing mechanical equipment are the inevitable depreciation and become obsolete. Your new generator may be replaced by a more suitable model or get banned due to environmental issues after a few years of ownership. These issues are eliminated when you hire since the rental company assumes the risks attached to their...

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Getting Familiar with Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

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When thinking of the sweltering summer months, most homeowners would want to ensure that their households are properly ventilated. If you were considering replacing your air conditioning unit or perhaps purchasing a new one for your home, then a reverse cycle air conditioning system would be your best bet. However, not many people know how these types of systems work and why they would be better placed a selecting this type of unit for their home. So what do you need to know about this type of air conditioning unit? What Does a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Unit Do? As the name suggests this type of system works by reversing how your home is ventilated. These types of HVAC units make use of a refrigerant gas just as their conventional counterparts. However, they do not ventilate your home by releasing cold and hot air into the room by use of a fan. Instead, they reverse this cycle by transferring the heat that is in the interior of your home to the exterior. The reverse cycle system’s refrigerant will be transported to absorb warm air from the outdoors through an external coil. The refrigerant is then passed through a compressor leading to a condenser indoors. Once it reaches the condenser, the refrigerant releases the hot air with the aim of heating the interior of your home. Nevertheless, what if it is cold air that you require during the hot months? That is the beauty of the reverse cycle system. Instead of warm air from the outdoors, the system reverses this cycle and uses cold air instead. This makes it an efficient method of keeping your home at the right temperature whether it is during the freezing winters or scorching summers. Is a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Unit Economical? One of the biggest reasons to invest in these types of units is that they expend much less energy when compared to traditional air conditioning units. In addition to this, they also work toward filtering the air of your home so you can rest assured that the air your family is breathing is clan. It also acts as a dehumidifier which not only comes in handy during the humid summer months, but also keeps your family protected from both allergies as well as a host of respiratory ailments that come with compromised air. If you have a big home, you would be best advised to invest in ducted refrigerated HVAC systems. These work toward recycling the air at least a dozen times an hour ensuring your entire home is benefiting from this type of ventilation. For more information, contact AIRCON BY...

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Important Reasons to Consider a Bus Hire for Corporate Outings

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When planning a corporate outing or seminar of any sort, you may assume that every employee can just drive themselves to the location, and may not give much thought as to the transportation needs of your staff. However, there are some very good reasons to consider a bus hire for corporate outings, seminars, retreats, and other such events. Note a few of those reasons here and investigate this option for your next company event. 1. Your Liability May Be Reduced When an employee is traveling to a company event, you may have some liability if they were to get into an accident, even if they’re in their own car. In many cases, if they’re considered to be conducting company business then the company may have liability for any accident they suffer. If you were to choose a bus hire, this liability may be limited or shared with that bus company. If there is an accident, claims may be filed against the bus company and not your company. 2. You Can Ensure Employees All Arrive When planning a large seminar or when having employees attend a seminar hosted by someone else, it’s often easy for an employee to “duck out” early or simply not show up at all. They may have a friend sign an attendance sheet for them, or take advantage of how hard it is to keep track of all employees in a crowd. Using a bus hire can allow you to take an actual headcount of all employees so there’s less chance of them not showing up or of leaving early. This can also ensure the safety of your employees as you know everyone has secure transportation and no one is left behind when it’s time to leave the event. 3. You Can Use Your Time More Effectively Choosing a bus hire can allow you to spend that time with your employees, both before and after an event. In the morning you can go over certain presentations or remind your staff of points they need to remember, and in the evening on the way back from the event you can review everyone’s notes, answer questions, and the like. Rather than everyone wasting time in traffic and in their own vehicles, you can consider this as being like a small meeting you can conduct before and after your event or seminar. This can make it more effective and easier to get feedback, while the information is fresh in everyone’s minds. For more information, contact Myaree Car...

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Benefits Of Opting For Solar Water Heating Systems For Your Home

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Are you interested in using a solar water heating system for your home, but not sure if it will meet your requirements? Then take the time to learn more about what benefits it has to offer. By doing so you can make an informed decision regarding if it is the right choice for your home. With that thought in mind, here are the top advantages of having a solar water heater installed in your home: Low maintenance costs: There is almost no need for maintenance when it comes to solar water heating systems, and they can be installed by the average person with minimum DIY experience. When compared with tank water heater systems where the flushing of the tank is required, along with the replacement of parts, a solar based system is much more desirable. Power outage: In the event of a power outage you will still have hot water because the solar panels can continue to supply the system with electricity that’s required to heat up the water. With other water heating systems when electricity goes offline, so will the supply of hot water. Furthermore, solar panel water heating systems can work even if there is a period of cloudy weather. That is because they are able to store the energy that they receive on sunny days for later use. As solar technology is developed, the efficiency with which solar panels can absorb energy will only increase. Cost effective energy: Solar energy is free and therefore, your energy bills will be reduced significantly. In some cases when there is a lack of solar energy, the system might have to draw energy from the mains. However, as solar panel efficiency increases, this will become less frequent. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to cut your monthly utility bills, then opting for solar water heaters is a smart move. Renewable energy source: Solar energy is a renewable energy source, and for that reason it should be given strong consideration for water heating systems. You might find that there is a scheme which will provide you with free equipment in order to set up your solar water heating system. Such schemes are in place at many countries all around the world in order to encourage the use of solar power devices. A subsidised scheme like this can literally reduce the installation costs of solar water heaters to next to nothing.  For more information, contact a company like...

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