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3 Features to Look For in New Business Process Management Software

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Features to Look For in New Business Process Management Software

Business process management refers to a system that manages the overall process of your business in particular; for example, for a production facility, this would be all the steps needed from design of your product, procurement of raw materials, production or manufacture itself, and final delivery, as well as steps involved in accounting and even sales. Effective business process management software will help to track this process for you and can streamline certain steps that need to be taken during this process, or make the entire process easier and more effective overall. Note a few features to look for in new business process management software when you’re ready to shop. 1. Audits Your software should automatically perform audits of the processes themselves and various aspects of these processes as they’re performed. For example, an audit might be needed of your raw materials inventory, or of past due accounts. Trying to conduct these audits yourself can be time-consuming, but the right business process management software will ensure that they are done and the results are then used to adjust your materials ordering, sales to past due accounts, collections, and the like. 2. Data access Your business process management software should have strict controls over data access. Not everyone involved in businesses processes should have access to all the data when it comes to accounting, sales, vendor pricing, and the like. This data access should be controlled with pass codes and other security measures, and it’s also good to ensure the software has a monitoring feature that notes who accessed certain data, when, and so on. This will allow you to track down any potential breaches of security in the software. 3. Analytics Your business functions best when you have information at your fingertips regarding sales figures, profit margins, trends, vendor pricing, overall production costs, wages, and so on. The best business management software will offer you a wide range of analytics that cover every part of those processes and which can also tie them together for a better overall understanding of the data. For example, the software might connect lower profit margins to rising vendor pricing, or dropping sales numbers to trends that show certain products are possibly obsolete in various geographic areas. Having these analytics prepared for you by the software can make it easier for you to see where and how you might need to make changes in your business and your business processes as well. For more information on this topic, check out a company like Ferrier...

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What to think about when checking your forklift for malfunctions

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What to think about when checking your forklift for malfunctions

Forklifts are important pieces of equipment in many different environments. They’re widely used in many industries, but can also be used for projects at home. If you own a forklift to use on projects on your property, you have a versatile tool that will last for many years. In order to keep your forklift functional for as long as possible, however, you need to perform regular maintenance on it. In order to do that safely and effectively, there are a few things you should think about. Safety  When beginning to examine your forklift for possible malfunctions, it’s important that you start off with making the procedure as safe as possible. Make sure the engine has been turned off for some time before you start your examination. If it’s running or has been running for a while, it can be quite hot and you can risk burning yourself. You should also make sure all hydraulic pressure is released to avoid getting injured if you have to examine the hydraulic system in your forklift. Pressurised liquid is highly dangerous and can injure you severely if you don’t make sure that the pressure is off when you start examining your forklift. You should also make sure that all movable parts are lowered and released. Air filters A common cause for malfunction is that the air filters have become clogged. This decreases the efficiency of the forklift and can cause the engine to strain in order to function properly. Examine the filters. If they are just dirty, you might just have to clean them by using a vacuum or a rag. However, if they are very dirty and discoloured, you need to change them. This type of forklift repairs is easy to perform, but if you’re not sure how to change the filters yourself, you should contact a professional that can do it for you to avoid failure. Grease fittings You should also keep an eye on the grease fittings. These are also parts that can cause major malfunction if left unattended by making the entire machine strain to function properly. If the grease fittings aren’t properly lubricated, they can also cause wear on the fittings themselves and surrounding structures, meaning you will have to get extensive forklift repairs to fix it. Make sure you clean the grease fittings every time you examine your vehicle and that you then lubricate them properly after cleaning. Check the manual so that you know where all of the grease fittings are located and have them lubricated at the same...

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Soaked Timber Supply: What to Do If Your Timber Supply Gets Wet in the Middle of a Project

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Soaked Timber Supply: What to Do If Your Timber Supply Gets Wet in the Middle of a Project

You’re building a deck, and you’ve got a large stack of unfinished timber waiting for you to use. Unfortunately, however, it’s all been hit with a deluge of rain, and as it’s not installed, you haven’t painted or sealed it yet. Worried that it’s ruined for ever? In most cases, it will be fine. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Spread apart the timber. If you’ve got the timber stacked together, you need to spread it apart. Otherwise, water trapped between the pieces of timber won’t be able to evaporate easily. As a result, it will soak into the wood and potentially cause rot or damage. 2. Place the timber in the sunlight. In addition to placing the pieces of timber apart from each other, pull the timber into the sunlight. The heat will speed up the evaporation process and help your wood dry out faster. If possible, flip the wood after one side is dry so that all of its sides can face the sun in turn. 3. Get the timber off the soil. If you have the timber sitting on grass or soil, remember those surfaces harbour a lot more water than pavement. Move your timber onto a less porous surface like your driveway, or pull it onto a plastic surface. If you don’t have room anywhere beside your grass, take two pieces of old wood from your old deck or find some scrap lumber from your garage. Set these two pieces on the ground parallel from each other, and then, balance your pieces of timber between them so that they are slightly off the ground. 4. Shield the timber from future rain. If more rain is forecast and you won’t be able to build your deck and seal it quickly, make a plan to shelter your timber. Covering it with a waterproof tarp should keep most of the water off it, but make sure to remove the tarp when it’s not raining so that your timber can get as much sun as possible. If you decide to pull the timber into the garage, make sure the garage is slightly warm. If it’s too cold, the cold air will encourage mold or mildew to form on the wet wood. 5. Remove any visible mold. If any mold has formed on the surface of your timber, don’t panic. In most cases, it won’t have penetrated to the inside of the wood. Once you remove it, the rest of your timber should be fine. Use a cloth soaked in hot water and bleach to scrub off the mold and kill the spores. Then, use a squeegee to remove any extra water droplets. For mor einfomration, contact Oregon timber supplies experts....

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Vinyl Flooring: The Best Option for Your Pontoon Boat

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Vinyl Flooring: The Best Option for Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoons can be used on rafts, docks, and boats among others. When looking for flooring materials for your pontoon boat, the market is always ready for you with several options. Regardless of what you would be using your pontoon boat for, weather and water exposure are definitely things that you would keep in mind. For this reason, here is why vinyl flooring will do the trick. Durability Vinyl is a hard material that will last long because of its strength and ability to withstand harsh conditions such as storms and rain. Ease of Maintenance Cleaning your vinyl floors will be a piece of cake, since vinyl handles water well, and you may not even have to think of cleaners. Instead, a piece of rag or mop would some clean water would be all you need for cleaning. Moisture Resistance Vinyl materials have high water-resistance capacity that makes them somewhat waterproof. Therefore, if the flooring was glued securely, you do not have to worry about moisture getting underneath your pontoon boat and perhaps causing rust or decay on your boat. Ease of Installation Most vinyl floors come in small sheets. Moreover, some companies will sell the floors pre-glued, meaning that you will just have to peel off the adhesive backings and stick these tiles on the floor of your boat. Versatility The vinyl sheets can be designed to look like other floors such as hardwood, tile, granite, and marble. For instance, you can choose hardwood looking vinyl for your pontoon flooring to give it an elegant look.  If you prefer a more natural or genuine hardwood look, you should go for vinyl planks. These are long and narrow vinyl strips manufactured with a variety of wood grains. For this reason, you can use them to create a wood grain pattern on the floor of your pontoon boat. Vinyl flooring will also work well on various surfaces, including fiberglass, aluminium or wood, making it an ideal option. There is a variety of colours, widths, and patterns of vinyl flooring that you can choose for your pontoon boat. Sometimes vinyl materials are UV stabilized, which means that the colour of your floor won’t fade when exposed to direct sunlight for long. Moreover, it is slip resistant regardless of the weather conditions. Warranties Since vinyl is high durable, you are likely to get great warranties from most of the companies selling these floor materials....

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What You Should Know About Roof Trusses

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What You Should Know About Roof Trusses

If you are having a new house built, you might be thinking about the roof. When it comes to your home’s roof, you can either decide between a conventional roofing structure or a roof truss. The roof truss is a way to frame the roof in triangle shapes, which provide more support for the roof, particularly if used with a high-pitch roof. Here are some things to know about roof trusses so you can decide if they will work well for your home. They are Available in Wood and Metal Roof trusses are used on many different types of buildings, homes and structures and are either made of wood or metal. While timber roof trusses are much more common, especially in homes and other residential buildings, some buildings also use metal. The metal trusses are sturdier and are often used in metal commercial buildings and industrial buildings. If you have a pole shed or pole barn, you might also want to use metal. With timber trusses, you can also choose from different types of roof timber. Your roofing contractor can help you decide between wood and metal and decide on the best type of wood for the truss. There a Variety of Different Styles You should also be aware of the different styles of roof trusses. While there are dozens of different types of trusses, there are a few standards that tend to be more common in homes. One popular style is the dropped chord truss. This helps to keep the roof standing on the home’s structure without rising up due to natural disasters or severe weather conditions. It is often used in homes located in places that gets hurricanes and tornadoes. There is also the raised heel truss, which provides good support and excellent insulation. Some other popular types of roof trusses include the parallel chord truss and the scissor truss, which is good for a vaulted ceiling. Trusses Have Many Benefits Over Traditional Framing You may also be wondering why you would choose a roof truss over more traditional roof framing. One of the biggest benefits to trusses is that they provide more stability for your roof, whether they are made of timber or metal. The trusses are great for homes susceptible to damage from various natural disasters and heavy winds from storms. They are also usually pre-fabricated, which means the roofing structure gets up quickly and easily. This helps save on money and time, which is good when you are paying to have a home...

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Some Important Questions to Ask About Building Inspections for Your Property

Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Some Important Questions to Ask About Building Inspections for Your Property

Building inspections are done on private property and homes as well as commercial structures, for a variety of reasons. One reason is to obtain a permit before renovation or remodeling work can begin and before you add another structure to the property such as a garage or storage shed. Some building inspections are also done before buying or selling a property. Since building inspections are not all alike and you may not know when you need one for your home or commercial facility, note a few important questions to ask your city clerk’s office or the building inspector themselves. 1. Is an inspection needed for a smaller shed? Suppose you just want to build a small shed on your property at home or along a commercial building you have, in order to store tools and other such equipment. Don’t assume that you can forego a building inspection and required permits for such an outbuilding, as there may be laws about the size you can build without a permit, how far from the home or commercial structure it can be, and so on. Have information available about your proposed shed when you call the city clerk’s office to discuss your options with them and ensure you know everything involved with its requirements. 2. Why is an inspection needed during a renovation project? When you’re renovating or remodeling, you may note that an inspection is needed while the work is still being done. This is often to ensure that the work is being done up to codes, as an inspector might not be able to inspect your wiring, plumbing pipes, and other such materials once you have walls and floors installed and close off these areas. Note when inspections need to take place during any project and be sure you follow this schedule closely so that you don’t wind up having to remove areas of installed materials after your project is completed for its final inspection. 3. Does someone need to be there for the inspection? The requirements for how inspections are carried out will vary according to the type of inspection, your local area, and the like. However, it’s almost always a good idea to have someone present when a building or home is being inspected so that the inspector has free access to every area he or she needs to inspect, and can ask questions about materials they may see, your plans for renovating, and the...

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Advice to keep in mind when going to a gun range for the first time

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If you have never been to a gun range before, it can often be an overwhelming time as you are not very comfortable in your surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner when it comes to shooting, or if you are an experienced marksman, there is a lot to learn when you are starting out at a gun range. However, once you are adequately prepared, it is not as daunting as it may appear initially. While the staff is always there to help you with any questions you may have, it is always good to attend with a friend who has been at a range many times before, as they will be able to show you how you need to conduct yourself. Here is some additional advice that will help make your first visit to a shooting range run seamlessly. Safety is the number one thing to remember Nobody cares about how experienced you are when you walk onto a gun range, but they all need to be sure that you know and follow all of the necessary gun safety guidelines so you don’t injure yourself or others. You should never be embarrassed or hide your inexperience when at a gun range; you should be open about it. By asking for help, most people will be more than willing to oblige, but if you try to pretend you know what you are doing, you will be quickly told off. You should always know about gun safety before you go to a firing range. It is important that you have gone through a gun safety class or receive instruction from an experienced marksman. This will teach you the etiquette of handling guns at a gun range, as well as the safe and proper way to handle them. You should practice these safety fundamentals over and over again so that they become ingrained in your routine. Mind your own business when you are on the range While the staff will be very willing to help you, you should not ask people for help when they are shooting in their own individual bay. Everyone will be focused on their own shooting and safety, so they won’t be looking around at you. Many people will zone in on their shooting when they put on their earplugs and will not notice others that are around them. This doesn’t mean that it is not a friendly place, just that you need to be conscious of others when you are using...

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Types Of Anodes Used With Water Heater Systems

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An anode rod in a residential or commercial hot water system plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the system. Anode rods prevent the corrosion of the heater’s metal lining as a result of constant exposure to water in the tank. The typical anode rod contains a protective layer of sacrificial metal which attracts corrosive elements thereby preserving the tank’s interior. Individuals looking to replace the anode rod in their hot water systems need to understand the various materials used to make anodes, as well as the merits and demerits associated with each material. Aluminum Anodes Traditionally, aluminum was the metal of choice for the fabrication of water heater anodes. As such, anode rods made of aluminum are commonly found in relatively old hot water systems and tanks. The use of aluminum anodes has since lost popularity after it was discovered that aluminum has a poisoning effect on the water in the tank. It is for this reason that mothers in the olden days often warned their children against drinking water directly from the hot water tap. Another drawback of aluminum anode rods is that they are prone to structural damage. This is because aluminum metal bends easily when put under pressure. Aluminum anode rods are most suitable for use with hard water. Magnesium Anodes Magnesium is also used to make anode rods used in hot water systems. Magnesium anodes are more common in modern water heating systems. Magnesium anode rods are safer than their aluminum counterparts. This is because the magnesium particles that get dissolved in the water have health benefits, as compared to aluminum particles which are harmful to one’s health.  The current produced by a magnesium anode rod is also stronger than that of aluminum, hence greater protection against corrosion. On the down side, magnesium metal gets corroded faster than aluminum. For this reason, magnesium anode rods have a significantly reduced lifespan. Powered Anodes Powered anode electrodes are the most expensive type of anodes available. They are a relatively new introduction in the world of anodes and anode rods and may therefore not be very common in residential water heating systems. The powered anode replaces the sacrificial reaction of traditional anodes with the introduction of electric current into the hot water tank. Powered anodes use electrodes to achieve this effect and can easily be used as permanent replacements for sacrificial anodes. Powered anodes are great for use in hot water systems where sacrificial anodes are unable to help with odor-related problems. Individuals who would like more information on replacing the anode rod in their hot water system may contact a heating company like Carman...

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How to Troubleshoot a Few Common Problems With a Ducted Air Conditioning System

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A ducted air conditioning system from a company like Airite Industries refers to a system that has a duct that runs through the house and to the exterior. When this duct is connected to all the vents in the home, this is called a unit. When there is just one duct to one panel in the home, this is called a split system unit; these are commonly found in hotels and motels. Note a few problems you might experience with a ducted system so you know how to fix them or what to expect when you talk to a repairperson. 1. The unit won’t switch on at all If you’ve checked your circuit breaker and know that you have your thermostat set properly and the air conditioner still will not switch on, a common cause for this is a controller inside the unit that is not getting power. In some cases it can be something as simple as vermin chewing through the wires that bring power to the unit. If there are no lights appearing on the unit itself, this is often an electrical problem. The wires may have also become bare and frayed from age or overuse and they are not supplying power to the control unit. If there are lights on the control panel, this means the unit is getting electricity. The control unit may have a timer that is set and which is then not allowing it to run. If you have a reverse system that produces heat in the winter, the unit may still be set to heat and won’t switch on when the air is very warm. The unit may have also a safety switch that you will see on the side of your home, near the duct, and this may have tripped. 2. The unit runs but you don’t feel much cooler This may be a simple problem of having a unit that is too small and weak for your home or the outside temperature. In many cases this is also a problem with a leak in the ductwork. If connectors have come loose or there are holes in the ducts, then the cold air could be going out the ducts behind the walls before it reaches the room itself. The airflow may also be restricted in another way; if the unit was installed in a very small area of the home, the airflow may be restricted so it doesn’t reach the inside of your home. Consider if you’ve recently done renovation work that may have damaged the ductwork or restricted the airflow in any...

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Key Fertiliser Tips to Having a Great Lawn

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Getting the best lawn fertiliser for your lawn depends on various factors. You must be aware of the condition of your soil and the type of grasses that grow on it, as well as your maintenance goals when looking to pick the best fertiliser for your needs. Here are four key tips to understanding your lawn and picking the right fertiliser. Soil Condition The first key step is understanding the condition that your soil is in. It may be deficient in key nutrients, nutrients without which your soil will not be able to thrive. You can find cheap soil testers at most gardening supply stores like Perth Turf Supplies. The most basic measurements include testing for the alkaline and acid levels. These acids affect the pH level of your soil. Some of the nutrients that have the biggest impact on your soil include phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen, zinc, sulphur, and iron. Grass Needs Once you have made sure that your soil is in great condition, you have to learn what your grass needs. In order to have a lawn healthy throughout the year, you need a balanced amount of phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. It’s these three ingredients that keep your grass in great condition at its peak growth rate. Some particular types of grasses might need higher concentrations of certain nutrients, so make sure to check with your gardening supply store for the needs of your grass. Fertiliser Qualities When looking for lawn and turf supplies, it’s important that you buy a fertiliser with the right combination of nutrients. At the gardening supply store you may see a high amount of fertilisers, all of which have different combinations of numbers and that are specifically formulated for different grasses. You can find a nutrient analysis on each bag, and you will also see a set of three numbers on the bag. The first number represents the amount of nitrogen that’s in the fertiliser, the second is the amount of phosphorous, and the last represents the amount of potassium. Nitrogen supports the growth of your grass, phosphorous is great for root development, and potassium helps with the lawn’s defence against diseases. Synthetic, Organic, or Timed Release Fertilisers Most fertilisers that you see on the market nowadays are synthetic. They are created chemically and are much easier to apply than other fertiliser types. Organic fertilisers obtain their nutrients from sources that were alive once, like fish emulsion or manure. These help build up the soil but are slow acting in cold weather. Timed release fertilisers have their own coatings on each granule, which dictates how quickly the nutrients can be released. The primary advantage of this fertiliser is that you obtain an extremely long lasting feed to your...

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